Dark grapes

Botir - uzbek seedless grapes varieties. Medium to large size berries, oval, sometimes round, dark. Cilinder or cone bunch, medium thickness. Also other varieties: early VIR, Nimrang, Hirshau, etc.... Go to product

Light grapes

Nimrang - Table grapes varietie, pale green/yellow colour with light pink accents. Large, cone form berries. Also other varieties: Andijan korasi, Kora guzal, Kora janjal, Katta kurgona, Kora may,... Go to product

Red grapes

Rizamat - early to medium period grapes. Large bunch, cone form, threaded, medium thickness. Very large berries, weight up to 14 g. Pink, with one side more coloured than the other. Thin skin. Soft... Go to product